The Edge of Your Seat

The Pompidou Centre is exhibiting the work of one of the most innovative and influential names in modern furniture: Pierre Paulin. His forward-thinking designs, particularly his work at Artifort, feel as fresh today as they did when they were first introduced in the sixties.

We are all capable of creating a masterpiece, whatever the medium, whatever the form. We just need the right setting. And when you sit in one of Paulin’s chairs, you can’t help but feel that now is the time.

The sensual Tongue Chair (yellow, foreground) will capture the gaze and imagination whatever room you put it in, providing the perfect counterpoint to crisp clean lines and cosy dark shades alike. In the background, the blue Fauteuil 560 looks almost unremarkable, but only because its design has been such a source of inspiration and imitation the world over.

It’s hard not to be impressed by these extraordinary works. I particularly love the cake stand shelving unit…

“My favourite design is the one to come, either by me or by a future generation.” – Pierre Paulin

And it’s not just the chair you sit in that will help you tap into your creative stream…

Looking through today’s catalogues reminds me just how relevant Paulin’s work still is. The fact that, almost fifty years later, the inclusion of one of his works would inject any interior with a thoroughly modern, energetic buzz is testament to his lasting genius.

Written by AJ.

The exhibition at the Pompidou Centre runs until 22nd August, Gallery 3.