La Maison Favart – A theatrical jewel box in the heart of Paris!

Paris – 1745

Charles-Simon FAVART, director of the Comic Opera, is captivated by the young actress Justine DURONCERAY known as “Mademoiselle CHANTILLY”, during a stage performance of “Les Fêtes Publiques”.

Justine and Charles were married on the 12th of December of that very year. So began the incredible story of the most famous couple in the history of Parisian theatre: Monsieur and Madame FAVART…

I couldn’t resist sharing this little gem of hotel with you. We stayed here during our last visit to Maison & Objet, the trade show in Paris and its interior completely blew me away. It wasn’t just the finishes but more of how the designers had cleverly touched on the love story and the theatrical history of its original owners. I’m a sucker for romance anyway and i’m easily seduced by romantic interiors; often interior design doesn’t seem to reflect romance at all which I think is a shame, to be honest i’m not a big fan of contrived interiors and although there has been a definite plan here, the result is effortlessly charming.

This hotel feels like it was a home and to a degree, still feels that way. Its glam but not overly, its chic but not overly but above all it has oodles of charm. Its interior design is both entertaining and seductive, moody tones of grey and black are seduced by soft rose pink and fruity lime green and cleverly placed antique furniture, works of art and slightly shabby gilt mirrors create an eclectic yet orderly interior, a skill that the French are very adept at and us mere mortals can only dream about…..

Another element that I love is the obvious play on traditional French skills; the use of embroidery, Passementerie (tassels and trimmings) and the wonderfully deceptive art of Trompe L’oeil shown so beautifully and delicately in the Favart’s dining room.

Above all, you really get to feel the love story of the Favart’s, you can imagine the grandeur, the playfulness and the shenanigans that went on here in the early days, it’s a complete must and its interior is totally seductive, what’s not to love when you’re in the most romantic city in the world! www.lamaisonfavart.com