Two Sides of Interiors, Part II: Bohemian Chic

It’s difficult not to relate the bohemian lifestyle with nature activism and alternative spirituality. The aesthetic reflects social practices and cultural beliefs that thrive far away from the concrete jungle. The freedom of mind, body and spirit is translated into the freedom of the creative designer. The interiors we are about to explore do not require the sharp learned eye of the urban designer, but the personal ability to create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

When we first encounter such a setting the impact is immediate. An explosion of bright, vibrant colours and bold patterns welcome us to this boho wonderland.

However thrown together these elements may seem, there is an artful eye at work here. Not every colour can be combined to produce a visually pleasing composition. Hues and tonalities must be considered when creating a retreat.

There is an apparent consistency in the image above. The darker burgundy/magenta is not only covered by a light pattern which goes with the neutral accessories, columns and ceiling, but it’s also contrasted by the bright Venetian yellow, ocher cushions and tassels on the parasol. The light indigo of the rug keeps the composition’s overall temperature down so as not to overdo it with all the warm shades. It is a balanced mixture of lights and darks, warms and colds, but also simple and more complex patterns and weaves.

One of the most integral parts of the designs pictured is the abundance of pillows and cushions of various shapes and sizes. Cushions are ideal for the layering and combination of different patterns, where each one may stand out on its own but, put alongside all the rest, becomes an irreplaceable part of the puzzle. We often overlook the importance of these details and sometimes all it takes is one little addition in the right spot to make the room sing. When you know you’re going for such a look, you have to be ready to add detail. Like arranging a bouquet, it looks great when you have the flowers tied with a ribbon, but if you want a memorable impact, add greenery, leaves and small delicate flowers to create a detailed piece which cannot disappoint.

Plants are pretty much a must for bohemian living spaces. Outside or inside, small room or large room, you will almost always find a few plant pots. The more the merrier!

One could argue that this type of interior decoration is Oriental in origin, but transferred to the Western world and so adopting many of its features (and in doing so losing part of its identity). The love of Eastern culture by the Western world has always been an influential factor in tastes and fashions. Their lavishly decorative crafts cannot be found anywhere else and, by being incorporated into Western designs, add an exotic touch, essential for the soul of the traveller, explorer and adventurer. Ideally, most items, decorations and fabrics would be brought back from travels to far-away places, so the home becomes a museum of stories and memories, making this type of interior very expressive and personal.



By looking at the two types of design above we notice a few contrasts which stand out. The most notable ones are simple shapes vs detailed arrangements; and neutral whites, greys and blacks vs a kaleidoscopic explosion. But what happens when these two come together?

When we remove the colour from the bohemian composition we see something really incredible happen. The neutral tones overtake the cosy setting, turning it into an edgy arrangement by someone who is true to contemporary minimalism but cherishes the comfort of a cosy area. Similarly, if we bring all the colour into a simple setting with abstract stylings we immediately feel a change in how the space communicates, transporting us back to the 60’s & 70’s. It’s the choice of the eccentric to disrupt contemporary design with colour.


What we have above is what is referred to as modern decorative luxury. This offers a refined way to combine one’s love of the excitingly exotic and the stylishly up-to-date. In these particular settings, wood plays a big part of the design, keeping the otherwise highly luxurious furniture and decoration down to earth.

When it comes to successfully unifying modern luxury with bohemian chic, look no further than Missoni Home. You’ll know them by the vibrant, captivating colours and simple shapes which effortlessly blend with existing environments and sophisticated settings to create a classy environment with a funky touch.

With their clever combination of colours and patterns for elegant accessories and home decorations, Missoni allows us to indulge in our love of vibrant arrangements, whilst satisfying our modern minimalist cravings.