Decorating with Pictures

Many modern interiors use minimalistic decoration with simple geometric shapes and colours, and such concepts don’t often allow for the easy incorporation of artworks – whether single/multiple pieces or a growing collection. But let’s be honest, despite our appreciation for such simplistic and futuristic designs, our homes rarely resemble such a vision, so let’s talk wall art.

Picture curtesy of Andrew Martin: https://www.andrewmartin.co.uk/be-inspired/how-to-guides/our-guide-to-art-in-interiors

When talking about wall art and how we place it in our homes we should begin at the beginning. What some people refer to as ‘Empty Walls Syndrome’ is the anxious feeling of emptiness one gets when being in a room with bare walls. Naturally, when decorating a room and making it your own, you consider every aspect – not just the arrangement of the furniture but also the colours, textures, lighting… but when a wall is bare, it is bare and within an interior that can sometimes work in its favour but most often against it.

“What do I put there though?’, you may ask. Or “But nothing I have looks good enough.” Or even “I don’t know how to arrange it right.” Keep calm. Everything will come to its place little by little. Choosing the ‘right’ artwork for your home is the one thing you need to do by yourself.
“I am a believer in buying from the soul – buying the art or photography that makes your heart sing, that enlarges your vision, that gives your life new meaning.” Stephanie Hoppen

To feel at home, everything around you should be a reflection of your person, including what’s on the walls. Whether it’s photographs with countless memories placed all around, or the cleverly framed artworks your children made when they could barely hold a pencil (or even that you did yourself back in those early days), or massive posters of your favourite iconic films and bands, or antique oil painting collections, abstract canvases, sculpted reliefs, prints of old maps, architectural drawings… the choices are infinite. But within that infinity there is only one combination which screams YOU, and you are the only one who can find it.

(The New) Decorating with Pictures by Stephanie Hoppen is an absolute marvel of a book all about collecting and displaying art and photography in your home. With photographs by one of the most sought-after interiors photographers, Simon Upton, even the slightest trace of doubt will be eradicated – a burning inspiration and hands itching to start putting artwork up, rearranging it, getting more of it, will be the only things left.

Within this book Stephanie Hoppen not only shares her incredible knowledge but also advice, both her own and from many other specialists and collectors. From choosing the right type of artwork, she takes us through the various subjects and themes and how they fit within a home, to the crucial framing process and finally, the displaying of artworks. A definite must-read for every enthusiast.